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Making Employee More Engaged Post-lockdown

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

COVID-19 threw a lot of new challenges for the employees and businesses. Currently, as businesses are reopening their physical offices it is important to motivate them and engage them with the company again. digiGO arranged a webinar regarding making employees more engaged in post- lockdown. Career coach Syed Taher Ahmed (Head, Development and delivery learning and leadership development at BRAC) was a guest for the session to enlighten us on this important topic.

Why is it more important now to keep employees engaged?

All employees work as an engine that drives the entire organization towards the organizational goal. So, employees need to be motivated enough to work well for the organization. Communicating with them to increase their enthusiasm and passion toward their respective job. Sense of security needs to be there for the employee to ensure a better mental situation.

What hacks do you suggest to overcome this situation?

One of the most important facts is to maintain relationships with stakeholders. We need to focus on building and developing empathy. A phone call or text can take the relationship a long way.  Another fact is that employees need to be more agile and strong. We need to understand we can’t control everything therefore we need to adjust and make the most out of the situation. We can analyze ourselves and keep working to develop new skills. Resources like YouTube, LinkedIn learning, etc are a great way to learn and develop for the future.  

How can automation help with this?

WhatsApp can be a very important tool to keep communicating and share information. We need to utilize new technology to keep up with this situation. Google meet, google sheet and other apps are becoming an important part of our new normal. As we are doing a lot of things done remotely, devices like laptops and mobile phones are now a significant part. In the future automation will be more advanced and frequently used in organizations therefore, we need to start adapting to automation, or else we will remain behind the curve. Additionally, for employee management HR software companies can try digiGO. The fastest-growing HR software can help businesses to track employee attendance, manage leave & expenses, handle payroll hassles, share notices, and a lot of other things. To request a demo please dial +8801833309555 or visit

How is BRAC keeping employees engaged?

Mr. Taher Ahmed first wants to thank the top management of BRAC as they keep continuous communication with their employees. They have an individual team working in different departments and have continuous communication in-between the members. BRAC also recently introduced employee engaging games for recreation. Another thing that is already being practiced by BRAC is to train the employees in the different fields according to their preferences.

Suggest top 3 moto’s to be a great HR?

HR has to be for the people and management at the same time. They need to balance between the employee as well as the organization. HR needs to understand both the parties and act accordingly. 3 keywords that Mr. Taher mentioned:  

  1. Friendliness: HR needs to make employees comfortable. Maintain the secrets shared by an employee with HR. That trust and understanding attitude will welcome employees to share their problems and build better communication.

  2. Service-oriented mindset: An HR manager needs to have a service-oriented mindset. They need to have the mindset to serve people and serve management. Mr. Taher also mentioned, “Before customer experience, we need to ensure employee experience”

  3. Build emotional intelligence: This is the most important thing in the current scenario. This is an idea “Not to react rather a response”.

In the end, webinar host Mr. Tanveer added that digiGO is working on HR automation now. He concluded the session by talking about the product digiGO offered by sBusiness. Currently, digiGO is the fastest-growing employee management platform in Bangladesh. To get digiGO demo dial 01833309555 or mail at or please visit digiGO HR Software | sBusiness

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