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Best HR Software in Bangladesh

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Best HR Software in Bangladesh

Maintaining all the employees’ work at a time can be exhausting and more time-consuming when you have to manage all the HR functions manually like attendance, leave, expense, payroll, etc. To make it easy the best HR Software in Bangladesh digiGO is here.

In a survey, it has been found that HR’s most often face challenges regarding their day-to-day functions. These works consume a lot of time because it’s manual. A good number of HR shared below problems which they face regularly.

  1. Overwhelming paperwork

  2. Employees not following office hours

  3. No proper leave management

  4. Expense claim mismatch

  5. Handle bulk support requests

  6. Managing payroll in manual process

digiGO – the fastest-growing employee management tool is solving these problems instantly. Starting From tracking employees’ attendance to leave, expense, notice, and many more to make HR life look rather effortless. It’s not only saving time and money but also making the workplace more efficient. 

digiGO offers various interesting features like attendance, leave apply & approve, expense tracking, payroll management, notice board, employee directory, and many more. Let’s dive more deeply.


In this pandemic, the daily routine of employees coming to the office or doing home office constantly is changing. Severe inconsistent lockdowns or shutdowns are causing this effect. In the digiGO app, IP and remote attendance features are there. HR professionals can turn any of the features on or keep both turned on simultaneously. Through the “attendance” feature, you also can –      

  1. Check-in/out any time of the office hours

  2. Get an instant customized report

  3. Get the exact time count regularly


Tracking leaves manually can be hectic for HR. Sometimes employees forget to apply for leave or HR managers forget to adjust the leave balance. Through automation, digiGO does it without any hassles. Employees can apply and approvers can approve leave through the same app within a minute. Through the “leave” feature, you also can –

  1. Leave application and approve

  2. Leave balance view

  3. Multiple leave settings that a business need


Employees might forget to add expenses to their expense list. Preferably, they add this at the end of the month and the amount varies from the actual expenses. It creates a transparency problem. digiGO solves this problem efficiently. Through the “expense” feature, you also can –

  1. Attach supporting documents

  2. Auto expense calculation

  3. Expense log with report downloading feature

Payroll & Payslip:

Payroll management can be a huge burden and unwanted stress for small business owners and can be overwhelming for medium businesses. This effective and efficient payroll process ensures that employees are paid accurately and timely giving HR the chance to focus on other aspects of their job. 

  1. Work out payroll calculations and deductions quicker.

  2. Calculate bonus, expense, holiday, etc. with minimum effort.

  3. Tax calculation

Also, employees can take payslips through the digiGO app without any hassle. Employees don’t need to wait for the payslip for days now. Just with one click, now they will get the payslip on their employee email address.

Employee Directory:

Calling one co-worker to get another co-worker’s phone number might become an annoyance. Nevertheless, digiGO has a great feature to get all co-worker’s office contact addresses in one place. Through the “expense” feature, you also can – 

  1. Get all phone numbers in one click

  2. Necessary details of employee

  3. Direct contact button to call, WhatsApp, or email


Notice boards or email notices have become obsolete nowadays. The best HR Software in Bangladesh digiGO has a smart feature of notice through which employees can get notice updates in a notification.

  1. Get notices through notifications

  2. Quick view of recent notices

  3. View all official announcements

Because of the pandemic currently, most businesses are facing a hard time. Maintaining the remote office or working from home became difficult. Especially, doing HR-related works like taking approvals or finding the right way of communication. digiGO mainly manages all your employees in a simple & easiest way! It’s an HR-friendly tool that is easy to set up and users can use it instantly. You can do everything on the go and save ample time. Its simple plan has various services in one platform with honest pricing. With its quick support, you never feel a problem. It has a 24×7 support center with dedicated Key Account Managers and fast tech support. 

Also, you can get digiGO the best HR software at a reasonable price! It offers you a price with top-notch features that you can’t resist. Subscribe to this platform now only at BDT 2500 per month up to 50 employees. If you purchase this license for 1 year then instead of BDT 60,000 we will charge 30,000 BDT. This offer will run for a limited time. Most importantly, there is no hidden charge. For 50 employees it costs only 1.92 BDT / per employee per day which is less than a cup of tea. If you have more than 50 employees then the charge will be adjusted as per requirements. 

To know more about the best HR software in Bangladesh digiGO please dial 01833309555 or visit digiGO HR Software | sBusiness

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