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Forget University While Hiring People With Growth Mindset

Forget University While Hiring People

With Growth Mindset

As the post-pandemic world is emerging to move to a more evolved workspace, is helping businesses through automation. Their HR solution digiGO when moved to the market received a lot of customer feedback, especially from small-medium organizations & Emerging Corporates that face challenges related to talent acquisition. With that in mind, they invited Aflatun Kaisar (Chief of People Care at Kona Software Lab Limited) as a guest speaker to talk shed light on this challenging issue.

How to hire people with a Growth Mindset?

Right now, it is more mission-critical than anything else for businesses to pursue growth. That is why companies can no longer afford to hire people with mediocre mindsets with stagnant growth prospects. With the right resources consistent with its mission, any company can achieve its desired growth. Choosing the candidates with their sights on long-term career development can be the trick to finding the right recruits for the company. Different companies use different tricks for hiring their employees, each of their methods is consistent with what their companies need. Knowing the company’s needs is the first step to hiring the right people.

How to find and evaluate people with a growth mindset?

Every company has some university-specific target when it comes to hiring. This type of mindset acts as a barrier to hiring, as any graduate with a high CGPA prioritizes their self-branding more than their commitments to any company. Therefore, the first step should be to keep the university background and CGPA aside from the evaluation and focus on the profile analysis. The initial screening should be prioritized and regardless of how urgent the screening process is, each step should be taken care of properly. During any point of the recruitment process, a role-play should be conducted to analyze their real-time responses. Tracing their line of thinking and identifying a candidate’s personality is crucial.

How do they create an impact in an organization?

Employees with a growth mindset are always improving as well as working towards growing the company. Their line of thinking revolves around the loop of developing themselves to help grow the company that in turn will benefit them with additional incentives. This symbiotic relationship between the employees and their companies can only result from a growth mindset.

How to retain these people?

Some simple formulas are used for retaining employees in the long term. One of the existing methods is, showing the career path to the new recruits. By showing how far they can grow and connecting all the benefits and incentives with that growth shows a more positive attitude among fresh recruits. RnR also known as Roles and Responsibilities is an effectively tested long-term employee retention method. Proper mentorship paired with effective communication is also another method that can result in high employee retention. A proper combination of short-term and long-term benefits can provide additional incentives for employees to stay. With the right brand image, the company has a higher chance of retaining employees in the long term.

3 Points to become a great HR

The following three takeaways can be extremely beneficial to anyone pursuing an HR career:

Updating Yourself Everyday

As an HR, with time and experience, it is very common to get short-sighted and limit oneself to their existing knowledge. Nevertheless, the key is to success is to keep up and evolve. With the ever-progressive industry and the generation gap that challenges the morale of companies; HRs now more than ever need to keep themselves updated with their surroundings.

Whatever you do, do it seriously

Try to create a long-term positive impact in the organization you work for. Adding positive value to the company can be the right approach to leave a legacy. Working in projects that adds value and are unique in nature can get recognition. This way one can leave a positive impact on the organization.

Growth Mindset

For HRs, the growth of the business proportionally translates to the growth in their career and prospects. Furthermore, some of them are partners with the business that makes it more essential for them to possess a growth mindset. With such an attitude, they can lead any organization to reach its maximum potential.

Last but not the least, Aflatun Kaisar promoted HR software digiGO to manage employees. digiGO is the fastest-growing HR software that helps businesses by automating HR operational jobs like attendance management, expense tracking, leave management, notice sharing, support ticket, payroll & payslip management and so many other tasks. To get a demo of digiGO kindly dial +8801833309555 or visit

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