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Reasons For A Customer To Trust Us With Blind Fold

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

“We ensure a clean and sanitized office for all our employees coming to work. from their base of verified service professionals helped us match our needs, we booked the service and the rest of it was a great experience”. Says the country manager at Philip Morris Bangladesh Ltd. Mr. Reza Ur Rahman Mahmud.

Why is it difficult to earn a customer’s trust during the pandemic?

Leaving the office, house, or simply coming to school is now a risk. Now, the question is how are people going to deal with the problems they face daily. For example, a broken AC or washing machine may be in an area where the repair shop is miles away. Plus, hiring the wrong mechanic could result in the entire family getting infected. Also, due to the negligence of most janitorial staff disinfecting offices or school compounds lacks the proper way. Again, there’s the issue of in-house cleaners mixing glass cleaners with disinfectants to cut costs. This makes the whole process null and void.

The initiative of sBusiness to earn a customer’s trust

Trust is not something you can buy but it has to be earned. And that’s what we did. We have earned the trust of more than 700+ firms from various industries through our services. These services won the trust of big firms like BRAC, A2i, Philip Morris BD Ltd., Daraz, MasterCard, Epyllion Group, etc. Our services include official work such as procurement, automation of basic HR tasks, shifting offices, pest control, etc. But due to the pandemic, this is an era of lockdowns and minimum public contact.

These are times when a problem could mean a total halt or even sickness and death. That’s why at sBusiness we offer all kinds of services at your doorsteps. For example;  Office AC Repair, Office Appliances Repair, Pest Control, Office Lunch Service, etc. What’s more, there are expert Sanitization and Disinfection Services to clean office, school, and workspaces. Our platform offers access to an array of verified professionals, who will provide all kinds of services. Along with facility management services we also provide employee management platform digiGO. This is a basic HR tool to track employee attendance, leave, expense, and many other jobs. Additionally, there are dedicated Key Account Managers, Service Warranty, 24/7 customer support, and more.

Enlightenment by the Vice President

When asked about the success of sBusiness, Isa Abrar Ahmed, vice president of had this to say, “It is gratifying to see businesses choosing to go online for procurement with, we make sure all our professionals are on time, geared with required tools of the trade, and maintains strict hygiene so we can deliver a flawless service”.

These trying times are hard for us all but sBusiness is here to provide necessary services at your doorsteps to keep you safe, secure, and comfortable. Entrust sBusiness with all your problems and worries and you can trust us with a blindfold on to take care of all of them.

To know more about sBusiness offers and services please dial +8801833309555 or visit

To get a demo of digiGO for free please provide your details at this link: Request A Service

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