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Impactful updates are here | April Platform Updates

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

In April, sBusiness platform and digiGO app got updated which will impact your journey. Let’s understand what has changed for good.

1. Leave approval is redesigned with more details

– Previously the date on the leave option was based on the day employees applied for leave. Now employees will see a leave period instead of the applied date. Oh! And yes, the date filter will also work based on the leave period.

– Also, approvers and super admin can see the leave history before approving the leave request. And if leave is rejected, there is a rejection note.

– Also, there is a leave period now on the leave request card in digiGO.

– Moreover, leave request has options under leave filter ~ (a) Pending (b) Approved (c) Rejected (d) Cancelled

2. Super admin must provide a note. For example, Approve / Reject / Pending / Cancel. This will be visible to all the stakeholders.

3. Moreover, super admin will be able to check organization-wide all leave requests for detailed report generation.

4. Now, the super admin cannot deactivate oneself from the portal anymore, not even mistakenly!

5. Now, digiGO is more secured. Password & security improvements have been done

6. Also, bugfix & Improvements, and new validations in super admin leave edit option.

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