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How To Prorate Your Employee Leaves Using sBusiness Platform

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

It’s a tedious job to grant leaves. Keeping count of leaves for each employee can get nerve-wracking. Especially when each employee has differing leave allowances. 

Oftentimes offices grant more leaves as one moves up the hierarchy. But this could be confusing to keep track of. Moreover, this has been a global problem. Why? because different organizations with different departments each have different leave allowances set.

That’s why portal availed the option to prorate leaves under the set categories for certain employees or departments with a few simple steps.

To use this feature simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit and login to your portal or sign up if you haven’t already

  2. Go to the HRM Solutions Tab and tap on settings, and then ‘Leave settings’.

  3. Go to the ‘Leave Prorate’ section.

  4. Then tap on the ‘Add Leave Prorate’ button.

  5. Select a department OR select a co-worker you want to set as prorate.

  6. Under the ‘Leave options’ tab, input the ‘Leave type’, ‘Leave count’, and hit save.

  7. Now your prorated leaves will be updated in the digiGO app.

  8. For more convenience, you can edit and delete the prorated leave at any time, in case any changes occur. 

To get digiGO for your business please provide your information at this link: Get digiGO

To know more about it please dial +8801833309555 or visit

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