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How sBusiness Tender Helps You To Manage Requirements

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

sBusiness tender to manage requirements in a jiffy

Why is procurement a generic pain point for a company

A basic need for any company is a fair range of products and services. At times, procuring these can be quite tiring and lengthy. To start off, a company needs to search for suitable vendors/service providers. Then the shortlisted vendors are vetted for aptness in a range of topics. For example, ease of access, pricing, expertise/quality of work, credibility, etc. What’s more, the options are again compared against each other and the best fit is selected. Office procurement sounds simple in theory, but in practice, it is hard work that takes up a lot of office time.

Real-life problem-solving example

Mr. Farooq Hassan is an Admin Manager at a mid-sized tech company as an Admin Manager for six years now. He had to deal with many office tasks over the year that is very hard to organize and prepare. Furthermore, there was a huge load of requirements coming in every day from all wings of the organization. For instance, the marketing department, HR department, IT department, etc.

Then he went to his friend Tazul Ahmed for help, an Admin Manager at another tech company. Mr. Tazul Ahmed advised him to use the sBusiness portal’s tender feature.

Fruits of using sBusiness tender feature

Tender allows him to share all of the requests in the sBusiness platform. But wait there’s more, many vendors/service providers submitted price quotations within hours. Moreover, it allows for contrast among all vendors on a single screen. Also, he has the option to add a preferred vendor to the platform. he easily finds the right vendor for the job as all of them are verified. Last but not the least, everything he does with this feature is transparent because other managers have access to the data as well.

Then Farooq Hassan started using the sBusiness tender feature and he can now easily choose from multiple vendors’ quotations. Each vendor can send 5 quotations at most, among them, all the vendors are authentic, easy to contact, and affordable.

Farooq finished the office procurement role within minutes, instead of hours or even days thanks to the Tender feature of sBusiness. It has made his work life much easier.

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