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Developing Employees Through Training & Development Programs in Emerging Businesses

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

In recent times, employees look for good companies and companies with good learning scope. To build a successful company, employee learning & development programs can help. However, training programs are very often practiced in emerging corporates. Hence, sBusiness has brought one of the industry experts Mr. Shibli H. Ahmad (CODP°, CToT, LL.B, MBA, MSS, PGDHRM, PGDSC, GGA), SHRBP at Dan Cake to talk about this essential factor.

The session started with an important message given by Mr. Shibli H. Ahmad that, “You can’t prepare yourself for everything in advance. Life will keep throwing things at you, and you have to adapt yourself accordingly.” This session covers the following topics:

What is the current scenario of people development in a private organization? 

Currently, in the industry, we troubleshoot our problem right after the situation takes place. Whereas in the developed country they onboard their employees after training them properly. Also, the industry is not aware that training itself is significant logistical support for the employee. Companies look for holidays to run Training programs, which should be avoided. 

Why should an employee be encouraged to learn new skills?

There are three types of skills: 

Upskills: Upskills are required to take an organization to a next level. An employee learning new skills will surely benefit both the company and the employee.

Reskills: Reskilling entails teaching employees an entirely new set of skills to prepare them for a new role within the organization.

New Skills: New skills help to keep both a workforce and a company on its feet. It helps to keep the company ready for future business objectives and tailored to the needs of learners.

And such skill development will keep the employee motivated in his work. An organization required such a skilled and motivated person. 

How can young companies be benefited in the long term by upskilling the workforce? 

New employees should continuously go through the learning and development process to become capable employees in the future. Formal training and development programs are costly. That’s why companies should create an environment where informally employees can learn and develop themselves by helping each other.

How to find relevance in training in specific employee tasks?

Soft skills can be equal for all employees. At the same time, other training programs should also be arranged for specific tasks. Organizations should not expect ROI just for one-time training as learning is a continuous process. Organizations should keep organizing T&D programs regularly. 

How can we measure if the training is helping the employees or not?

Companies can follow the Kirkpatrick model, This model is popular globally to evaluate the outcome of training and learning programs. It assesses and rates employee’s learning through four levels:

Reaction: It is important to look after how employees receive the training. Is it satisfactory for the employee or not?  

Learning: Later you take feedback based on the training session 

Behavior: Closely monitor his behavioral change. If there is a behavioral change that indicates the training is working. 

Results: Lastly monitor the result/outcome. Performance growth monitoring of employees can help to understand the impact of T&D.

What are the long-term disadvantages for the untrained workforce? 

Employees will have nothing to offer new for the organization. T&D (Training and Development) also keeps the employees of an organization positive and happy as they learn new things. Another disadvantage is that the employee will slack behind the competition in their industry.

And at the very end of the session, an important message from Mr. Shibli H. Ahmad was “Your organization is like your family so as a professional you must be committed towards your organization”. By arranging this session sBusiness wanted to portray how important T&D programs are for Emerging Businesses as well as for young enthusiast HR. Mr. Abrar concluded the session talking about the product digiGO offered by sBusiness. And currently, digiGO is the fastest-growing employee management platform in Bangladesh serving more than 70 companies at the moment. To get digiGO demo dial 01833309555 or mail at or please visit digiGO HR Software | sBusiness

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