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Configure digiGO Attendance Type For Employees Through sBusiness Platform

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

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Benefits of having an option between attendance types

The pandemic has forced us to compromise on a lot of things. For instance, going to the office and giving the attendance. Work-from-home has become the norm yet most offices require weekly attendance. In all this turmoil, keeping track of attendance is a hassle, which is why sBusiness brings you its ‘digiGO’ app that helps keep track of your employees’ attendance. 

digiGO saves time, money and improves work performance

If you’re not already convinced enough, here are a few pointers to help you understand why you need this more than you think. This app efficiently keeps track of things and thus increases productivity. It allows for flexibility while enabling HR to closely monitor each employee. Compliance is another major advantage of this app since inaccurate records can cost organizations a lot in overtime payments. 

The survey by Kessler International: 80% of employees did time theft, which is a bigger problem than you think. Time theft is when employees receive pay for the time they did not work. 

A survey by the American Payroll Association: 65% of organizations say they collect time and attendance using automated systems for convenience’s sake.

Switching to an IP based attendance system 

Using this app is pretty easy as well. Employees can give attendance from anywhere through the app’s default ‘remote’ setup. To enable employees to give attendance while at the office via the office IP network, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Go to

  2. Log in to your sBusiness account or sign up if you haven’t already. 

  3. From the HRM Solutions  tab, click on ‘Settings’ and enter into the ‘Office settings’ tab

  4. Go to the ‘Attendance’ tab and click “Edit”.

  5. Check the IP-based attendance box.

  6. Set the public static IP’s or dedicated IP’s of offices when connected to the WiFi and save it, then “Save Changes” and you’re all set!

  7. If you want remote attendance to be activated for all your employees as well, keep the “Remote Attendance” checkbox marked.

Just a few simple steps could make your life a little easier. So what are you waiting for? Get on board with digiGO and transform the way your office runs.

For more information please visit or dial +8801833309555.

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