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Chaldal Continues to Use Employee Mobile Recharge Feature of sBusiness

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

“Recharging employee mobile numbers of about 1500 employees every month is a hassle. HR and Admin lose a lot of time because of this. On top of that, employees use different mobile operators, varying from postpaid and prepaid plans, making the whole process even more time-consuming.

Chaldal uses top-up service from

All in all, this becomes a very tiresome job to take on in the midst of all the work we already have piled up for the month.

I’m Khadija Akhter, and I’m currently working as an HR Manager in Chaldal.

I’ve been using the ‘Employee Mobile Recharge’ feature on sBusiness from the very start of this platform. Now it just takes one click to recharge the phone numbers of our employees no matter the operator or the mobile plan they are using. In the end, all the expenses can be seen in the form of a report.

In addition, this feature comes with no extra costs. On top of the total disbursed amount, Chaldal gets a cashback which I can use later as well. Not to mention, there’s always a Key Account Manager and 24/7 customer service available for my ease. 

sBusiness not only saves me time but also saves me money. I highly recommend you to try the sBusiness platform at least once.”

To know more about sBusiness’ Employee Mobile Recharge feature dial +8801833309555 or visit

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