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Attendance Tracking Improvement for digiGO

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

COVID-19 does not end yet!

The second wave of COVID-19 has arrived in our country. In addition, tracking attendance has been more difficult for businesses. As a response, sBusiness is working hard to strengthen digiGO’s attendance functionality. As a whole, they will properly attend to the demands of their customers.

In digiGO, there are two approaches for monitoring employee attendance. One method is to use the office WiFi’s static public IP address. A public static IP address is one that is given by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Its unique feature is that it still stays the same and does not alter as much as a shared IP address. Employees should only check-in with the digiGO app if they are within the WiFi range of the office premises, according to this setting. On the other hand, remote attendance will allow them to give check-in or check-out from anywhere. Under this setting, the current location of employees will also be shown. If needed both settings could be enabled by users at a time.

Why is it necessary for industries to track remote attendance?

It’s needless to say that there is massive importance of field force in sales, service, delivery, etc. But it is difficult for such employees to give regular attendance in the office. Because it is very usual for them to have an important client meeting during morning attendance hour. This is where the beauty lies in remote attendance. Nor the HR, neither the employee will have difficulty in tracking the daily attendance using remote attendance. So no more being late in early external client meetings from now on! This wonderful feature will solve any attendance-related problems for companies. For example, FMCG, delivery chains, research companies, marketing agencies, etc. Again, all other growing companies engaged in lead generation and growth will be able to track attendance smoothly.

Perks of remote attendance feature 

Thanks to the latest update in the digiGO app, the basic HR functions are even better automated. Just recently, we have introduced a very useful improvement into our attendance feature. Now, employees can easily identify if they are under remote attendance or IP-based attendance. And it is simply denoted with the help of a yellow ribbon at the top of the screen. Moreover, their detailed location will be shared at the bottom of the screen with the help of GPS. Again, the location can be refreshed instantly with the help of a refresh button beside it. So, the chance for making errors is close to none. With the digiGO apps new and improved user interface things get done swiftly and within company policy.

Closing remarks from satisfied clients

Every user is satisfied with digiGO. The CEO of shuttle said that they greatly benefited from digiGO. And it’s totally worth their while because it easily saves two working days per month. Companies like shuttle and spellbound particularly benefited from the attendance feature of digiGO. Because their workforce varies between work at the office and fieldwork. Also, not to forget to work from home due to the new normal. With digiGO, the companies can easily set remote attendance, IP-based attendance, or both. Again, change it based on their suitability and according to company policy.

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