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Verified Services of sBusiness Ensures Best Customer Experience

ME SOLshare is a Renewable Energy-based Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform. With 50 employees this Pioneer platform is based in Dhaka. As the nature and operation of their company every week they had to contact various types of vendors. Because of the high demand for quality vendors in Dhaka city, it is a challenging task to find all these vendors under one platform.

“It was really a challenging task for us as we didn’t have the access to all the vendors. Not only that we needed verified services and consistent performance from all the vendors. We thought it’s going to be a tough project to sort out as we also had very limited time.” Said by Md. Jishan Rahman, Admin Manager of ME SOLshare.

sBusiness a Smart Office Procurement Assistant helps companies in dealing with the mundane job of dealing with thousands of vendors on a month-to-month basis through on-line automation. sBusiness team picks the best of service providers from their listing of thousands more to assist in the aforementioned aspects.

sBusiness provided ME SOLshare various kinds of services. sBusiness provided thousands of verified professional vendors. In cases of failure to provide needed support, sBusiness stepped in and replaced the vendor within 2 business days. It also exhibits a great opportunity to manage 3+ vendors, significantly cutting the iteration time.

sBusiness has 30 days after-sales support along with a 24/7 call center which ensures customer satisfaction. sBusiness has an SP rating system through which a customer can rate one to five stars to a service provider. Based on rating only the highly rated service providers get the opportunity to take the order. sBusiness’s this simple quality check policy enables thousands of service providers to increase their service quality and make sure customers are not only satisfied but delighted.

In a statement, Mr. Jishan Rahman said, “sBusiness has helped us like a true partner in addressing many of our day-to-day operational issues, giving us enough time to focus on what matters the most.”

sBusiness believes in creating value for customers. sBusiness Office procurement assistant will help you take care of your business in the most simplistic but effective way possible. For more information please visit or contact us 16516.

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