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Upload Employee Data on Your Own in digiGO App

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

In case of “work from home” or routine office, employee attendance, database & office expenses can consume a lion’s share of office hours, let alone the huge amount of files that are piled up one on another. On top of it, the risk of losing important documents persists consistently.

As an “All in one” solution, presents the “digiGO App”.

From employee attendance to employee database, leave application, expenses or office notice, digiGO allows you to record and publish it all efficiently. Employees can Check-In with a single click right after entering the designated office network area and while working from home they can check-in simply by sharing their location. Checking out is also as simple as checking in. Moreover, both the employee and the HR manager or management can see the attendance report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Furthermore, leave applications are processed through a layer-based system, which not only saves crucial time but also keeps the process hassle-free.

To access all these features employee information needs to be entered into the system and currently digiGO allows the HR management to add employees to the database or invite employees to do so themselves.

Adding a Coworker

  1. Login/Complete registration at

  2. Click HRM Solution and select “Co-worker” module from side navigation

  3. Click on “Add coworker” and add basic information

  4. Complete the profile

  5. Additional information of the coworker can also be given, such as: Official, Personal, Financial and Emergency information (Optional)

  6. Added coworkers will receive an email with login credentials and app download link

  7. Co-workers need to download the app from Play Store or App Store and login with given credentials.

If admin or HR Managers want co-worker to add their own information themselves then admin/HR Managers need to invite the co-worker.

Inviting a Coworker:

  1. Login/Complete registration at

  2. Click HRM Solution and select Co-worker module from side navigation

  3. Click on “Invite co-worker”

  4. Copy email addresses of the coworkers and paste in the modal/ write down email addresses in the modal

  5. Click on “Send invitation”

  6. Invited co-workers will receive email with login credential and app download links

  7. Co-workers need to download app from Play Store or App Store and login with given credentials

  8. After Logging in they can complete their profile from the digiGO App itself.

So, why waiting? Try the features right away!

For more details visit or, dial +8801833309555.

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