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sBusiness helps Chaldal to manage Topup from a single point

Ms. Khadija Akter currently working as an HR manager in Chaldal. Every month she needs to Topup every employee’s mobile bill. Chaldal has 9 offices which are located in different places and ensuring the vast number of employee’s monthly Topup single-handedly is itself a daunting task. Added to that the other pressure was to do it on time. At the ending period of every month, she had to cover a lot of managerial work, and she wanted a solution that could ease her this hectic employee Topup task. Sheba Platform Limited’s sBusiness ( portal helps her to manage Topup from a single point. She signed in and uploaded the list and amount of the bill and Top up the bills single-handedly.

sBusiness is a specific platform of to cater to corporate demands. You can purchase office services in bulk from sBusiness by the administration or procurement department of any company or institution. sBusiness is the bridge between the service providers who have grown exponentially and corporate clients who need premium services. Through sBusiness, a company can easily raise a Request for Proposal (RFQ) for any service (cleaning, maintenance, repair, etc.) they need regularly for a specific period (2-3 months, or longer). Office facilities management, fleet management, and corporate mobile recharge can also be delegated.

sBusiness helps companies in dealing with the mundane job of handling hundreds of vendors on a monthly basis through online automation. sBusiness team picks the best of service providers from their list of 1000s more to help in the aforementioned aspects. For Chaldal it was a welcoming experience as the HR manager didn’t have to deal with a lot of telecoms,, which would have taken much time and effort too. Through sBusiness now any company or group of companies can manage employee Topup from a single point. sBusiness team can manage 1000+ employee Topup even in weekly holidays. With employee monthly Topup management, sBusiness provides a series of other services for office procurement, such as office cleaning, AC repairing, plumbing and office shifting, etc.

sBusiness Office procurement assistant will help you take care of your business in the most simplistic but effective way possible. For more information please visit or contact us 16516 or

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