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sBusiness Disinfected Trucks from “Truck Lagbe”

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Due to a busy schedule daily, perhaps the trucks you are using for your business or home purpose are not being disinfected the way it is needed to be, whereas it should be the ultimate priority to ensure the drivers’ hygiene and not to mention the safety of the customers from invisible viruses.

If you are a registered user of Truck Lagbe, then there is amazing news awaiting just for you.

Truck Lagbe is continuously working to raise awareness among the drivers regarding cleanliness and providing necessary directives to its registered drivers to maintain vehicular hygiene. With the help of, Truck Lagbe is arranging “Free Cleaning & Disinfection Service” for the top drivers of Truck Lagbe. is a smart business assistant ready to serve your company. They provide workplace AC maintenance, Cleaning Shifting, Employee top-up, and more services like these. sBusiness also provides Workplace Disinfecting & Sanitizing Service, which covers all the aspects of personal hygiene along with workplace hygiene. Not to mention, all the hygiene services are maintained and regulated by following WHO (World Health Organization) protocols on personal and workplace hygiene. With these quality services mentioned above, sBusiness is collaborating with Truck Lagbe to help the drivers get professionally cleaned and disinfected as their workplaces are always on the go; trucks. In addition, they are providing Face Masks and Hand Gloves to the drivers.

To get Workplace Disinfecting & Sanitizing Service please dial +8801833309555 or visit

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