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Office Procurement is Now a Matter of Minute

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

For your organization, you may come up with some sudden needs that perhaps require some expert service providers, which is nowadays a difficult task to find considering the availability, pricing, and expertise. Let’s say, you need about 1000 T-shirts for a program in your office. However, you may hardly know any service provider that provides this service, or perhaps you have no idea about the pricing or the quality you will get from different vendors or service providers. Here comes the sBusiness Tender feature on our website. It is as simple as asking your friend about what you need but more efficient.

All you have to do is just write in your account describing what you need in a bit detailed manner and the service providers will automatically contact you with a price quotation. Now, you can compare and choose any one of them judging the quality, ratings, price, and other variables based on your needs and their offerings. On top of it, you can also add your favorite vendor in this platform so that they can also bid and you can have a reasonable comparison among the vendors.

Let’s check the steps to get your first tender ready.

  1. Visit website and log in. No account? No worries. Click on Free Trial to open an account in below 1 minute.

  2. Now, click on the Tender

Keep in mind, we have a scoring system for each criterion filled. You can see the scoreboard in the right, with a total of 100 points. Detailed tender gets more score. So, keep scoring higher to get better Quotations. Nevertheless, you can also only write description and it will be ready to publish.

  1. Please Add Title according to your need e.g. “Company ABC needs branded t-shirts”. The title needs to be at least 10 characters. (30 Points)

  2. Add a description in the Description Box (20 characters at least) regarding the quantity, sizes, color variations, etc. e.g. “Need 1000 t-shirts with 3 different sizes [S, M, and L] and 2 color logos”. (30 Points)

[The 20 characters of the description box is a must require-field and the rest are optional]

Always remember, the more the details, the merrier.

  1. If you want to share your desired budget then add a total tentative one e.g. “10,000 BDT/1000 t-shirt”. (10 Points)

  2. You need to Add Tags if you want to get better price quotations swift. e.g. “T-shirt”, “Shop branding”, “Basic cleaning”’ “AC installation” etc. Tagging your tender like this increases the chances for vendors to find it faster and easier. Use appropriate tags for the services you require. (15 Points)

  3. If you want to add more information click on Additional Information. Here, you can select what kind of tender you are sharing. It can be Public, Verified, or Listed. Any kind of service providers can apply for Public tender. Verified service providers of sBusiness can only apply for Tenders that require Verified vendors. Lastly, if you have any known service provider that you want him/her to bid then you can apply for tender with listed vendors and share with service providers to send quotations.

  4. Add Attachments if necessary e.g., “T-shirt sample design” or perhaps any other document that the service providers might need to see. (15 Points)

  5. Please add your questionnaire in Ask for Company Evaluation section if company evaluation is required.

  6. You can also add item name, specification, and units in the Ask for Price Quotation section if you require more than one kind of item.

  7. Besides, if technical evaluation needed, please add your questionnaire in Ask for Technical Evaluation

You can publish your tender right at that moment or you can save it as a draft and publish later. Moreover, we love to see your tender on social media. Hence, you can share your tender in Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or you can just copy the link and paste it anywhere you want to.

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