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HR work is now hassle-free

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

“Human Resource team” or we can say “The savior of a company”!

Every day throws up a new challenge to them. They struggle with a lot of office-related issues!!!

The struggle from keeping the doors open to find a perfect way for each problem. Recovering from the downwards, making employees productive, keeping everything on the right track is very much challenging. A huge amount of loss in business not only decreases job opportunities but also economy can be affected. Every day ahead will present some of the most important HR challenges of the time. Identifying and implementing effective employee policies and support may make or break businesses in the coming months of uncertainty.

The key factors HR team has to face:

  1. Tracking Data: Collecting a vast amount of employee data and analyzing it, takes a lot of time and effort.

  2. Managing work: HR managers try to build seamless routes and strategies to overcome the challenges such as employees not maintaining time, taking leaves without getting permitted or not being punctual, missing important meetings, and many more.

  3. Lack of activeness: During a crisis period, it is critical to respond very fast and move quickly. Sometimes lack of activeness can cause a huge loss for a company.

  4. Communication Channel: Without the right employee communication channels, it becomes difficult to manage a workforce.

  5. Leading the certainty/Prepare for the uncertainty: More or less organization can be affected by uncertainty, not knowing what the future holds for employees, the HR team struggles to lack of preparation for everything uncertain.

  6. Cross-Functional Team: Every industry has different sections and the HR team has to keep pace with them. Only by keeping potentiality and creating an atmosphere of mutual trust, HR manages a great recipe of success for an organization.

Focusing on the situation and to provide the right strategies, and tools with less human interaction is going to introduce their new HR tool “digiGO” app which has multiple features to keep everything in perspective and aligned. The app can be operated on any mobile phone whether it is Android or iPhone. The app’s feature options turned some hectic works into less hassle and more hygienic.

This app provides some of the features that explore

–       Attendance Database: HR teams’ job is to keep track of the employee’s attendance and working time. digiGO app has a feature of keeping the record through the own personal mobile of an employee which creates more safety and fewer inconveniences.

–       Leave Application: Leave Application process requires time and wandering around the office seeking proper documentation. This disrupts social distancing manner and increases the risk. This app has the solution to both submission of application and getting approval online.

–       Expenditure: Work demands many fields works and expenses that needed during the assignment or projects. This requires superiors’ consent and exchanging documents. To get through this, digiGO introduces the option of managing expenditure related documents, exchanging through online.

–       Reports: HR team members may have a hard time to provide any documents related to daily and monthly reports such as, working hour progress or counting leave that already has been taken or remaining, attendance report, check out reports, leave counts and others. The app provides a feature option that allows the related issues checked and managed online.

–       Notice: Getting office notices or announcements on the mobile is much easier to imagine which is possible through this app.

–       Contacts: Imagine having whole contact details in a moment, how much time it is saving for a working person. This feature of the app will be saving a lot of time and provide the right information.

To get this app, visit or dial +8801833309555. First movers will get trial period without any charge. Moreover, to get a call from us visit this link and share your info:

With digiGO, there will be less hassle and more swiftness. Work will become so much easier and the progress will be quicker when it comes to Human Resource work. The app will keep pace with the agility and make HR work more smoothly and less burdensome by using digital technology and the less it becomes complicated, the more it becomes fun to work.

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