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sBusiness helps Alumni Association Pull-off a Memorable Event

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Islamic University of Technology Alumni Association (IUTAA) recently held a reunion in their own campus after a break of 9 years. The event was attended by 1100+ alumni from both Bangladesh & abroad. One of the daunting tasks of the event was to figure out transportation, food & cleaning for the event.


sBusiness team, picked the best of services providers from their list of 1000s more to help in the aforementioned aspects. For the association, it was a welcoming experience as they didn’t have to deal with a lot of service providers, which they had to do previously. Rather, they had a single touch-point in sBusiness this time around; as the Sheba Business Platform managed all the service providers on behalf of the association.

“Thanks a lot sBusiness. It wasn’t just IUTAA’s event. sBusiness was an integral part of it. We have received great support from all of you. We would love to continue this partnership in the times ahead.”

While Mr. Isa Abrar Ahmed, Vice President, Sheba Platform Limited added,

“We recognize the need for professional services to pull-off a satisfactory event. Thanks to IUTAA team for counting on us to deliver the very best that they deserve.”


The Alumni’s loved the transport facility that was put in place on a rainy morning where commuting was difficult, they also appreciated the food especially the Kachi Biryani served during lunch. The cleaners ensured that the washrooms remain dry & squeaky clean throughout the event.

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