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A Generation Moving Towards Threatening Food Habits

In the corporate world, the term ‘Pressure’ appears as an opportunity for employees to get out of their comfort zone and grow internally. However, a big question mark often arises regarding the functional capability of these employees to handle such pressure. Their undisciplined life often turns out as a barrier to thriving their goal. Sadly, this undisciplined living pattern has become an ongoing trend.

According to an article published on renowned HCP Live, around 40% of working people suffer from a functional disorder known as gastrointestinal. Several reasons have been figured out behind this uplifted curve. Let’s go through the most severe ones.

Not Having Lunch on Time

First of all, the most common scene is people not eating their lunch on time. Nowadays, corporate people go through a very busy schedule to hit their daily targets. Due to these busy schedules, employees often find it very difficult to manage time for lunch. Many times, employees even forget about their lunch because of the heavy workload. Sometimes young executives who have just stepped into the corporate world hardly care about having timely lunch. This attitude is eventually leading them to an unhealthy habit.

Quality of Food

Another point that is worth attention is the choice of food. Nowadays, everyone wants a quick solution. This quick solution has driven most corporate people to depend on junk and rich food as their day-to-day lunch. The option to order through an app has brought the door to fast food closer for us. A couple of taps and get your favorite burger mixed with French fries. Sadly, the main ingredients of these foods mostly come from unhealthy sources. For example, the quality of the oil used in cooking is below the average. Mostly these are hydrogenated oil prepared by adding hydrogen to liquid vegetables enriched with trans fats. This kind of oil directly drains down our daily productivity which turns out as a barrier to achieving our daily targets. Besides that, we have no idea regarding the quality and quantity of various spices used to enhance the taste. These spices often create inflammation inside our guts which may lead to gastric issues in the future. Unfortunately, people still have to eat these foods due to a lack of options.

Skipping Lunch

Due to this harsh financial liability, most corporate people with average income tend to skip their lunch. If there is no lunch facility from the office, it becomes a financial challenge for most people to order lunch on the app. This challenge gets even harder when they start searching for a pocket-friendly restaurant nearby their office. If somehow they manage to find one, they may end up compromising the quality of the food. As a result, most of them choose to spend their whole noon without having any taste of food.

However, the long-term outcome of our unhealthy lifestyles might be severe a couple of years from now. Starting from an inflammatory stomach, we may end up infecting our immune system. This may lead to ulcer problems which may require surgery at a later period. Besides that, continuous ignorance of our gastrointestinal issues may turn our huge ‘Human Resource’ into a ‘Human Burden’. One harsh scenario we already witnessed during the recent pandemic. The real reason the whole world saw an elevated number of deaths during this period was because of our weak immune system.

A little change in our daily eating habits might be an effective way to create a defensive shield for our immune system. Being a bit cautious while selecting food for lunch, having lunch on time, ensuring not skipping lunch are just some of those changes. However, people attending office from 9 to 5 often find it difficult to meet these changes. Sometimes doing lunch outside is their only option. Looking for homemade quality food while having lunch outside is a tough expectation. Corporate catering service ‘sBusiness’ is trying to turn that tough expectation into a regular healthy habit. Everyone wants the taste and quality of home-cooked food at the office lunch. If that is possible then employees’ last wish is to get this food in a pocket-friendly manner. Keeping these points in mind, sBusiness has brought homemade office lunches prepared in the healthiest possible way. We believe our job is not done as soon as we serve you. We wait to listen from you. Because your satisfaction is our first priority. In order to ensure that satisfaction, our dedicated manager is always ready with full dedication to serve you at his/her best.

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