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5 Best HR Software in Bangladesh in 2022

Bangladesh is constantly moving forward to digitalization. This era of digitalization is being mostly fueled by the emerging companies that are gradually integrating their corporate culture with technology. In terms of adopting technology, HR automation is one of the crucial facts that has brought hours of workload in a couple of minutes.

Let’s take a look at some of the HR software introduced by Bangladeshi companies that put a tremendous contribution to HR automation especially for emerging companies.

A transformative human resource management platform in the 21st century, digiGO has made the adoption of HR automation more affordable and easier for small to mid-sized businesses in Bangladesh. digiGO has a mobile app (both Android & iOS) for all the employees and a web version for HR & management. Not to mention, this is the most powerful and fastest-growing HR software in Bangladesh used by more than 200 companies as of February 2022.

Some mundane HR processes worth remarking that digiGO replaced with technology are:

  • Attendance: Check-in and check-out is a matter of a single tap on a smartphone with digiGO attendance feature. An attendance sheet is always ready to preset on-demand reports for HR.

  • Leave management: Save time by not going through every leave email. Apply & approve employee leaves within a minute. Never miss a leave request now.

  • Client Visit Tracking: Keep track of employee meeting locations and reports on your device. This helps a growth-focused team that wants to check every update of the sales team often.

  • Payroll: Save around 10 hours in a month by automating payroll through salary and tax calculation.

  • Expense tracking: digiGO can track all the regular expenses that employees spend. It minimizes company expenditure.

  • Cloud-based data management: All employee data are managed in clouds which has a 100% guarantee of zero employee data leakage.

With all these benefits, digiGO has brought the hours of workload into minutes for HR which eventually made a great contribution to enhance their productivity.

By making HR activities paperless, digiGO has made it easier to keep track of employee data of the entire company. digiGO enables HR professionals to avail ERP-like HR benefits without even installing any ERP solution.

Besides all these, there are a bunch of features that make the HR process more efficient.

We have already stepped into the third wave of pandemic and spending on ERP solutions in this situation is not a feasible investment for any company. However, digiGO is ready to offer global standard solutions in terms of managing HR activities that cost less than a cup of tea per day per employee.

Smart HRM

Smart HRM helps companies to adopt automation.

In terms of managing human resources, Smart HRM is making a real difference among companies.

  • Available in both mobile and desktop platform

  • Capacity to solve complex hr task

  • Ensures 100% security of employee data

Some of its core features are managing daily attendance, leave, managing payroll, holidays, daily reports, etc.

However, sometimes this wide variety of features in one dashboard may look a bit complicated to the user. But with a little previous experience of using any kind of HR-related software, anyone can use this software.

Besides corporate companies, Smart HRM has also established its footprint in factories and the RMG industry.


Maxecho focuses on the payroll area of HR activities. It automates employee salary and tax calculation that would otherwise cost the HR vulnerable man-hours for this single task.

Introducing automation in payroll calculation, it has been able to reduce the workload of HR by half in salary management.

In addition to payroll, Maxecho also handle other basic HR functions such as

  • Faster data process

  • Managing employee daily check-in/check-out

  • Employee report

Since this HR software primarily focuses on payroll calculation, it may be suitable for those companies that struggle to manage employee payroll the most. However, Maxecho also offers other basic features as well.


Scaled is an HR solution from South Tech that has been able to automate multiple HR operational activities.

  • Empower HR professionals to focus on the growth

  • Allow HR to utilize manpower in a productive way that generates the maximum level of output

  • Starting from 60, Scaled can manage up to 200,000 employees

The areas in the HR department this software can handle include

Recruitment Module Help HR professionals to recruit more efficient candidates

Payroll Module Salary, tax, and loan

Daily Report Attendance, leave

KPI Activity tracking

As Scaled is loaded with tons of features, sometimes it may require expertise to use all the features efficiently. In terms of pricing, Maxecho charges according to the number of features customers use.


XHRM offers a web-based HRM solution for enterprises. The core features of XHRM include

  • Attendance

  • Salary Sheet Preparation

  • Automated payroll processing

  • Customizable features according to the requirements

Although it is a bit expensive to avail the services of XHRM, it has the capacity to handle any number of employees at a time.

It automates many areas of HR activities that increase the workflow of each stage of management.

In a nutshell, all these software are assisting companies in one way or another to move forward towards HR automation. Which one would be the best one?- it actually depends on the budget and the number of employees each company has.

If a company consists of 10-80 employees, then their best interest should be in digiGO. As digiGO is the best ERP alternative, it may help these companies to get ERP-like benefits without spending a vast amount of money on any ERP solution. To get digiGO dial 01833309555 or visit

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