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How Even Non-HR’s Can Do HR Works Swiftly?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

HR For Non-HR Professionals

Co-Founders and Business owners who doesn’t have prior HR degree or hands on experience can learn a lot from this webinar and blog.

HR For Non-HR Professionals

New start-ups have recently expanded enormously. In these businesses, co-founders are usually putting in long hours. Although they may not have prior hands-on expertise, the co-founders are working on various parts of the office such as obtaining funding, generating sales, and handling HR, Admin, & procurements, and many more.

H.M. Al Mamun (HR, Admin & Compliance Manager at Matador Group) was invited by digiGO to ease this process and offer his extensive expertise and knowledge in the management of people and businesses.

Here are some of the major issues covered during the webinar:

How to recruit the best people from the market?

According to him, several processes are now being used to recruit people from the market, including hiring through circulars, in-house CV banks, various head-hunting firms, various job sites, and media & newspaper advertising. However, to find the finest individuals, HR professionals use referral programs, Linkedin, and various Facebook job posting groups to obtain the greatest effort and outcomes from candidates. To some extent, these procedures can be done by Non-HR professionals too.

Three major factors to follow during online interview recruitment:

Firstly, to assess if the candidate has sufficient technical expertise to work for the specific appointment.

Secondly, to assess whether or not the individual has adequate communication abilities.

Thirdly, to assess if the individual has the correct characteristics, gestures, and experience necessary for a specific position.

How to build an employee-friendly environment?

To get the most out of an employee, providing the finest working environment possible is necessary. Allowing the employee enough freedom of work without intervening at every level is critical. Building an employee-friendly workplace necessitates evaluating performance and offering the necessary rewards and recognition.

Mentoring workers who are not performing well at work, as well as recognizing their problems and resolving them, is an important component in creating an employee-friendly workplace. Employee involvement is critical through various initiatives, birthday celebrations, feasts, and the elimination of office politics.

What are the common mistakes that even the best HR’s do often?

The most typical mistakes HR professionals do include hiding policies such as workplace policies, disciplinary policies, reward recognition policies, and conveyance rules, not being helpful to workers, not offering adequate training for workers, and not keeping up with payment commitments.

Any book or app suggestions to understand more about people and organizations:

H.M. Al Mamun advised taking numerous online and offline courses in people management, HR planning, strategic planning, supply chain management, and soft skills. He also advised reading numerous papers about HRM to have a better understanding of it.

In terms of app recommendations, H.M. Al Mamun strongly suggested digiGO, along with many other applications, to do various HR duties swiftly and effectively with the touch of a finger.

In addition, he highlighted the importance of the work-life balance, key performance indicators, and how a business can get the most out of its employees.

Additionally, to make HR life easy sBusiness has digiGO – The Fastest Growing Employee Management Platform in Bangladesh. It helps HR’s as well as Non-HR professionals to maintain employee attendance, leave calculation, expense tracking, payroll system, and other important tasks. To get a free demo please dial +8801833309555 or visit

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