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10 AC Repair Servicing Tips |

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

To save ourselves from the unbearable heat AC is our ultimate rescuer. But this rescuer needs repairing if not maintain properly. 

So, before you complain about your AC not cooling enough you need to know these 10 AC Repair Servicing Tips.

  1. Shut Down The Whole: To troubleshoot your AC the first and foremost thing you need to do is shut down the whole system. You have to unplug every connected wires and re-plug them according to user manual.  Then power back on the unit system of your Air Conditioner.  

  2. Check Circuit Breaker First: Circuit Breaker is an automated electronic switch to keep your electronic devices safe from power damage. If your AC is not working the first thing you need to do is Check Your Circuit Breaker.  If multiple devices are connected to your Circuit Breaker your AC get tripped and will not work. For this you need to unplugged your other devices. 

  3. Clean Your Filter: Your Air Conditioner will long last if you change your filter habitually. Dirty and filthy AC filter causes damage and your AC might hit up instead of cooling.  Also the fan will stop working which will lead it into less to no air flow. So, you need to frequently clean your AC filter to avoid future repairing.

  4. Clear Your Unit Fan: Fan of your AC unit continuously spin to pass the warm air outside. It also attracts dust and dirt around its blade while doing it.  This creates lousy noises and cause disturbance. AC unit is the main part of your AC. You have to cautiously clean your fan’s blade so that it won’t bend or break.

  5. Clean Your Compressor Fins: Outdoor part of an AC which looks like a grill machine is Compressor. Compressor is surrounded by fins and flow the heat outside. That cause the fins to clogged with filth. You can have to clean the fins carefully as it is very delicate. Clean your compressor fins with a brush and wear gloves while doing it. 

  6. Fix Leaks: Your AC can have leaks and can divert the airflow. This lead you to think that your AC is not cooling you enough. You need to check for leaks on you AC. For that you need to cover the leaks with strong foil duct tape.

  7. Change Your Unit Batteries: If your unit runs on battery it needs changing time to time. So, before you start panicking you need to check the battery. And if the battery is dead you will need a new set of batteries for your unit. 

  8. Check Electric Voltage: If your electricity runs in low voltage then your AC won’t work rather it will cause serious damage.  Before causing unintentional damages you need to check your electricity voltage and install air-conditioners.

  9. Clear Your Drainage Pipe: AC turns the warm-humid air flow into cool air. During the process system turns humid air condenses into liquid water. Drainage pipes carry the water for disposal.  During the process the pipe also store grimes and flow smells which is why you need to clear  drainage pipe frequently. 

  10. Melt You Ice: Your AC will not flow cool air if its internal unit gets iced up. To repair shut down your AC properly and turn on the fan only. This will loosen up the ice and spread cool air.

If after following all the tips won’t work for you, then you might need AC Repairing Service. You can hire expert AC repair service from website.

We deliver professional services, 24/7 at your doorstep.

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