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Monitor Salesforce


Per employee/month

Award-winning innovative product digiGO relieves businesses from the burden of the expensive salesforce tracking system and allows them to track each of their salesforce locations at the best budget-oriented price with all core employee management features.

* Conditions Applied

What Makes Us Different

Report Generation

Get on demand report based on employees' meeting visit and the summary at one glance. 

Customer Database management

A safe and secured cloud storage system to assure 100% security of customers' data

On-time Arrival

Take instant update on whether employees are attending client meetings on time

Maximize Productivity with Transformational Tool

Time: 1:56 pm

ATN Mart

Kamrul Hasan

Atif Wasif

Design Ark Asia

Time: 4:36 pm

A.K.M. Hasan Sharif

Shourav Group

Time: 6:26 pm

Get immediate employee meeting visit report

Collect insights through auto-generated customer database

Instant data driven decision

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Core HR Functions in one app

Track Employee Attendance Smoothly

Track all types of employee attendance at once with real-time reports

Submit Expenses in Few Clicks

Reduce employees expenses by tracking efficiently

Apply for Leave & Approve Quickly

Reduce stress by applying & approving Leave in mobile

Updated Team Report At Once

Keep eyes on employee attendance in one place and take actions

Salary & Tax Calculation Instantly

Zero chances of mistake through payroll, pay slip & Tax auto calculation

Track Employee Meetings

Track employee meeting location for better transparency

  • Can I track employees live location?
    No, this feature is built keeping employee enrollment in mind, on time arrival, reporting and employee journey plan can be done at ease through the system.
  • How many employees or visits can be managed through the system?
    As many as you required and you can see the total visit hours in the dashboard.
  • Can manager assign visits to specific employee?
    Yes, manager can assign anyone down the line.
  • How can we manage check-in, check-out?"
    digiGO has remote attendance feature, there you can see the real time check-in location.
  • Many I know the payment procedure?
    We have 7 days trial offer after that you need to pay upfront as per your convenient subscription tenure.
  • Will I get all upcoming feature?
    During the subscription tenure you will enjoy it's all upgrade benefits for free.
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Human resources are the key asset of my organization.


I can only expect the best out of them if I can manage them efficiently and I am doing it to my best with digiGO.

Omar Hasib, CEO & CSO

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