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The Chief in the Time of Global Pandemic

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)- the most prestigious role for any organization. The title itself emits confidence, authority, and attitude. CEO is the one taking up all the challenges and guides the organization forward. In tough times, he’s the tough guy taking up all the responsibilities and accountability for the company. He’s the one who leads from the front in terms of strategic planning, hitting the budget, developing a winning culture, and most importantly- faces the Board of Directors as the key role.

The ongoing pandemic has brought up some unprecedented challenges for all the CEOs- regardless of the industry, they are in. The stress is higher, the path is pretty uncertain, and businesses are hampered. Startups are finding it hard to survive if not closed down as of yet. A few have already taken the initiative to divert the strategic direction effectively. It’s a matter of sustainability and profitability, rather than scalability for the startups now.

Under these circumstances, the role of CEOs has got into a new dimension altogether. They are working on strategies for surviving, finding alternative ways of generating revenues, optimizing cost, ensuring productivity of human capital, and planning for post-pandemic recovery. On top of these organizational roles, they need to connect to the human side too. People are facing difficulties in general. Everyone’s anxious about the future, concerned about their own families. The CEOs also playing a crucial role to give them the confidence- easing up their tension listening to how they are doing in these hard times.

Sheba Platform Limited Chief Adnan Imtiaz Halim is a firm believer in the power of employees. He aims to create a positive impact on society, and the practice starts with the organization itself. People are the assets in Sheba Platform Limited as technology is the tool. As the Cheif of the organization, it wasn’t hard for him to decide on ‘Work from Home’ as the first startup in the country as soon as the COVID-19 were confirmed in Bangladesh.

A crucial moment arrived, when it was about time to give Eid Festival Bonus to the employees. Adnan Imtiaz Halim figured out from the HR Department that more than 50 of his workforce were not yet eligible for the bonus according to the pay policy of Sheba Platform Limited. However, Adnan Imtiaz Halim wanted to do something for their families in this tough time. So he had an emergency meeting with the HR Department and ended up deciding to share a small gift to people who are not eligible for the festival bonus. Most importantly the chief will deliver the gift himself at employees’ doorstep.

According to the plan, the Chief started at 6 am on 15th May 2020 and went at the doorstep of every single employee who was not eligible for the bonus. In just two days, he visited more than 50 homes and delivered Eid surprises.

It was a surprise to the Sheba Platform Limited employees. They didn’t imagine getting a call from the CEO himself early in the morning and know that the Group CEO is at their doorstep. Indeed, a moment to cherish and never to be forgotten for them.

Pandemic changes the world. People are in quarantine at home but life goes on. When soldiers are trying their best day & night to move forward by coping up with new culture then chief is on the field to share the happiness with a surprise gift at their doorsteps. It’s not a pack of the gift but also a pack of love, honor, trust, gratefulness towards our colleagues and their precious family. We are proud of you chief! Adnan Imtiaz Halim. May Allah accept us and shower blessings upon all. Ilmul Haque Sajib, Co-founder & COO, Sheba Platform Limited

A Chief is the role model, a front-runner, and an inspirational figure for everyone in the organization. The Chief in Sheba Platform Limited leads by example in this regard. He has created a moment for the employees in the time when everyone needed to be inspired. The Chief is determined to be there for everyone in Sheba Family and help them whenever needed. Sheba Family is also agile to take up the challenge with their Chief and create a positive impact on the people and the community.

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